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  • Carla Collier

What is your Brand?

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

When you think about your brand, is your logo the first thing that comes to mind? How do you think people identify you and your office, is it the logo what they think of or is it the service they received?

If you are thinking it is my logo or at least it should be, since it cost a small fortune to design. I’m here to tell you that the ideal answer is that people should identify your business by the service they receive; so, my question to you is: is it? Your logo is your brand to be recognized when people see it, however, you really want your brand to be associated with the great experience they have when they interact with your staff, whether over the phone or when they visit your office.

Defining your brand can be as easy as entering your office from the front door with your eyes wide open and your ears ready to hear. Remember the first impression starts with the first hello when the patient calls in to schedule and then when the patient drives up to your office. It starts outside of the office, the parking lot should be clean and welcoming, the front door should look freshly painted or polished not dirty with fingerprints or show signs of wear like chipped paint.

Upon entering the inside of the office things should be warm and welcoming. Your patients are looking for a place like home. They want to be treated warm and welcoming, they want to be part of a family. Your dental family. Remember what I said earlier about entering your office with your eyes wide open and your ears ready to hear? Here are some areas to review:

  • How does your team greet your patients, how are they greeted when being called in and walking to the operatory?

  • What is said once they are seated?

  • Are they informed about what is going to be done today?

  • Do they have any questions before you get started?

  • If it is a new patient do they know what to expect at their first appointment?

  • If there are options regarding treatment do you explain them all without assuming you know what they want or what they can afford?

  • Do you hear them and I mean really listen?

  • Always remember if you ask a few questions and stop to listen to your patients will tell you what they want. The questions can be as simple as, do you have anything special planned for the summer? The response could be vacation, wedding, graduation, etc. These things mean lots of photos. Now would be a good time to mention that and tell them you look forward to seeing a few photos at their next visit. By doing this you just placed the thought of photos in their mind and later in the appointment you can ask how they feel about their smile and see where the conversation goes from there.

Be consistent in the message your patients get from start to finish. The way you handle patient handoffs is one of the most valuable things you can do! Make it all about the patient and what is best for them. Give them a warm goodbye and thank them for taking care of themselves and allowing your team to be the ones to help them do it.

If these things are done you will build a relationship that will last for life. You are now a family. Now when your patients think of you and your team they are going to think about how great they are treated and how much they enjoy coming in for their appointments. THIS IS YOUR BRAND!

If you are wondering what is your BRAND or want help creating your BRAND please contact me.

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