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Global Team Solutions Consultant Team

Find out what GTS speakers can do for your next meeting!

We customize our speaking presentations to deliver specific knowledge and skills to meet your meeting objectives. Our aim is to make the experience rewarding—and fun!—for you and your attendees.

A More Successful Practice Is Within Reach

Our GTS speakers can help. With many combined years of practice management experience, we are eager to share the secrets that can unlock your practice’s real potential. And help you achieve every goal—from more efficient processes to greater profitability to happier team members to more satisfied patients.


You Want Me to Say What to a Patient?

Does your office struggle with handling difficult questions when answering the phone – Do you take my insurance? Can I move my appointment to tomorrow? How much do you charge for .....? The fear of losing a patient is often overpowered by giving the answer that truly fits with the policy and philosophies of your practice. Join Denise for this one-hour session as she walks healthcare professionals on managing patients. She will lead participants through helpful steps when dealing with new patients, managing the schedule, and handling the uncomfortable topics of cancellations, no-shows and dismissing patients from the practice.

Speaker:  Denise Ciardello 

Top 8 Protocols Every Office Will Want to Implement

Every team member impacts the experience of your patients and the success of your practice. To be competitive in today’s market, it is to know the right protocols to measure and manage, all while delivering exceptional patient care. Join Denise in this interactive session, as she unpacks the 8 essential protocols to keep your practice running smoothly every day. This course is designed for office managers, practice owners, administrators, front office professionals and anyone who wants to discover the road map for a successful practice.

Speaker: Denise Ciardello

6 Steps to Ensure Your Collections Processes are Proactive

By maintaining a proactive approach, you give your patients the confidence that you are presenting the best options for their patient care and you are respecting their financial status with your office. In this interactive session, Denise will take the audience through the steps necessary to maintain a proactive approach to your collection process.

Speaker: Denise Ciardello

Take the Challenge out of Employee Management

Employee management is an essential element of any practice. Practice owners, doctors and managers are expected to motivate workers to ensure that they do their best each day and have an office that operates smoothly. In this presentation, office management personnel will be given the tools necessary to manage healthcare employees with confidence. This course is ideal for both start-up offices and established practices. Participants will create their own office protocols with detailed, practical tools and systems that can be implemented immediately. Join us and reach your full potential for outstanding office personnel.

Speaker: Chris Ciardello

Orchestrate POWERFUL Meetings with Clear Objectives

Attendees will have instantaneous takeaways that will help them immediately improve the quality of the meetings they run. They will be able to keep meetings within the timeframe allowed, manage agendas better, as well as be certain of addressing each item on the agenda, and leave every meeting with action items and deadlines.

Speaker: Chris Ciardello

Attracting New Patients?...Let's talk Marketing

Marketing is a crucial part of running any business. Two ways to promote a practice are Internal and External marketing. Both forms of marketing must always include the practice’s branding, along with a constant, concise message, to the correct audience. Building credibility and achieving name recognition is the purpose for external marketing. In this interactive session, Chris will review all the various forms of marketing to attract the ideal patients for your practice, which includes throwing out heavy scripting and increase patient confidence in their decision to select your practice. He will review proven methods that will convert ‘shopper’ calls into new patients.

Speaker: Chris Ciardello

Know Your Numbers - Know Your Practice

Many office managers and many in the administrative role of a healthcare practice were thrown into that position with very little, if any, training. As a result, the energy spent working on certain tasks may be misdirected or even wasted since it doesn't add to the smooth operation of the practice. The interesting thing about running any business is that the numbers always need to be monitored. One of the single most effective ways we have found to monitor progress in a practice is by analyzing the reports for the practice. Discover the reports to review on a routine basis, when to run them and what do they mean. By making this process seamless, the team can truly concentrate on patient care.

Speaker: Janice Janssen

The Power of Unified Leadership

Communication is the #1 success or downfall in any business and that holds true in the healthcare field for sure. Well-chosen words can get the message across however, it is in understanding when to speak and when to listen that true communication occurs. In this presentation, Janice will discuss communication successes and failures, empower the team members to take a leadership role and examine the various personality types in the audience.

Speaker: Janice Janssen

Mobilize Your PPE Against Embezzlement

Fraud or embezzlement occurs in 3 out of 5 healthcare offices. We are likely to see these odds increase given the state of the U.S. economy. It CAN happen to you. Ensure that your profit is not walking out the back door leaving you to face loss, betrayal, or worse - bankruptcy! Certified Fraud Examiner Janice Janssen, RDH is well qualified to educate doctors in deterring fraud and embezzlement in their practices. This course will teach you how to recognize the tactics of fraudsters and give you the tools to safeguard against it. Gain an inside look into the embezzler’s mind and learn their hidden techniques.

Speaker:  Janice Janssen

Numbers do Matter! Discover which reports tell the Whole Story

You run all the reports that your accountant, office manager, &/or spouse tells you to run and you review them, however you’re still not sure what you are looking at or if they are in line with where they should be. Wouldn’t it be nice to fully understand where all these numbers truly break out? In this lively interactive course, Chris will take you through how to identify the top ‘must have’ systems to have in order to achieve optimal results for a successful practice.



Speaker: Chris Ciardello

Strategies to Increase Production and Meet Your Goals

Scheduling in a healthcare practice is often the biggest headache for the whole office. By taking a systematic approach to the schedule, the office will have an environment of harmony. It is possible for your practice to have a productive schedule that can also be accommodating to your patients. It’s your schedule and you should be in control of it. Learn strategies to create the schedule that will help your team operate seamlessly and smoothly every day, while providing great patient care. In this interactive session, Chris will discuss the top 5 things that are required to begin engineering a schedule that is conducive to the team. Let's take away the time wasters and know how to handle those last-minute distractions.


Speaker: Chris Ciardello


Powerful Conversations: The Foundation of a Successful Team

Clear, empowering communication and self-directed leadership is the key to a motivated and cohesive team. Without it, there is frustration, disorganization and low expectations. In this interactive session, learn skills to build a great team and provide clear standards for their work. With an emphasis on leadership, problem solving, harmony and collaboration, productivity can be rejuvenated and maintained.



Speakers: Denise Ciardello

Discover the "Secret Sauce" for Patient Retention

The backbone of any business is returning customers – and that is really with any business. Think about restaurants, bookstores, retail stores, heck even funeral homes are looking for repeat business from the friends and family of the deceased. Your business is no different. There is not one person or just one step to maintaining a successful retention program, yet rather it is a team approach putting together a list of ingredients to create this secret sauce. Join Denise in this lively, interactive session as she breaks down patient retention into a recipe of sorts.


Speaker: Denise Ciardello

Get it off the Books and Into the Bank

Understanding the proper reports to run, and when and why to run them is key to establish successful financial systems for insurance, billing and collections. Proper documentation, defined financial arrangements and effective claim submission techniques will ensure that you get the results you want. Join Janice in this interactive session to learn how to become proactive in your processes to boost practice production and increase the bottom line.

Speaker:  Janice Janssen

Build a Fortress of Trust and Teamwork within Your Practice

Embezzlement is seldom reported although someone on the team usually knows it’s occurring. Embezzlement destroys the trust of your team, the bonus program you MAY have in place, and POSSIBLY the quality of care you provide your patients. Learn why and how to protect yourself, your office AND your team from the wrongful actions of embezzlers.

Speaker: Janice Janssen

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