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Our Dental Speakers


A More Successful Dental Practice
Is Within Reach

Our GTS speakers can help. With many combined years of dental practice management experience, we are eager to share the secrets that can unlock your practice’s real potential. And help you achieve every goal—from more efficient processes to greater profitability to happier team members to more satisfied patients.

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Denise Ciardello

Denise’s aim is to make the experience rewarding —and fun! —for you and your attendees. 


Janice Janssen, RDH, CFE

Janice will customize her speaking presentations to deliver specific knowledge and skills to meet your meeting objectives. 

Find out what GTS speakers can do for your next meeting!

We customize our speaking presentations to deliver specific knowledge and skills to meet your meeting objectives. Our aim is to make the experience rewarding—and fun!—for you and your attendees.


The Human Side of Business

Truly the most difficult part of running any business is the human side since it involves emotions, feelings and opinions. In this presentation we will review the steps to address the human side of business without feeling like you need a degree in Emotional Intelligence. 


Are you balanced?

The important, but often ignored task for running a business is that the numbers need to be monitored at all times. One of the single most effective ways we have found to monitor progress in a practice is by analyzing the reports. 

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Discover the 'Secret Sauce' for Patient Retention

Every dental office has a culture that defines whether the office is patient, time or technology focused. In this high energy, interactive presentation, we will learn the significance of creating greater patient satisfaction through a total team apprach. 

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Elevate your Role as a Hygienist

Gone are the days when a dental hygienist 'just cleans teeth'. In addition to performing patient's oral health tasks, today's job description includes education of all dental procedures completed in the office, marketing dental products that the office offers and of course, assisting the doctor with notifying patients of areas of concern while performing the 'cleaning'. 

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Dental Pearls to Improve your Practice

Every day you work to keep your practice operating smoothly, efficiently and productively. It is often easy to overlook or forget the ‘little’ things. It is the little things that help your office do big things. We have put together all the little pearls we feel are important to remember and each day you can review our tips, tricks and quotes to aid you in your journey.


Building a Fortress of Trust

There are many forms of fraud that happen in a dental office on a daily basis. The team often turns a blind eye as a box of gloves or a book of stamps walk out the door. Maybe someone is clocking in and out for others. Let’s define how this impacts the bottom line and everyone is responsible to protect it. 

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American Dental Assistants Association

Dentrix Business of Dentistry (multiple)

Greater St. Louis Dental Assistant Society (multiple)

Henry Schein Practice Solutions (multiple)

Hinman Dental Meeting

Professional Education Society Cruise

San Antonio Study Club – Oct. 2012

Surgical Arts CE Loft (multiple)

Third District Dental Society New York
Self-Sponsored Seminars (multiple)
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