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Find out what GTS speakers can do for your next meeting!

We customize our speaking presentations to deliver specific knowledge and skills to meet your meeting objectives. Our aim is to make the experience rewarding—and fun!—for you and your attendees.

A More Successful Practice Is Within Reach

Our GTS speakers can help. With many combined years of dental practice experience, we are eager to share the secrets that can unlock your practice’s real potential. And help you achieve every goal—from more efficient processes to greater profitability to happier team members to more satisfied patients.

Insurance Management: Optimize Your Insurance Systems

All dental offices have to deal with insurance companies in one way or another. Spending time setting up the proper systems for verifying, submitting, and working the insurance aging report can change insurance companies from the beasts that you dread tangling with into manageable tasks that keep the cash flowing. In addition, your patients will appreciate the fact that you stay on top of their benefits and payments. 

Speakers: Denise CiardelloJanice JanssenChris Ciardello

Reports Management: Numbers do Matter!

Many office managers and many in the administrative role of a dental practice were thrown in to that position with very little, if any, training. As a result, the energy spent working on certain tasks may be misdirected or even wasted since it doesn't add to the smooth operation of the practice.



Speakers: Denise CiardelloJanice JanssenChris Ciardello

Treatment Acceptance: It’s not all About the Treatment

As clinicians, the dental team views the treatment as the primary concern when presenting treatment plans to the patient. As a consumer, patients need to know the benefit when deciding on need vs want. As professionals, we need to present the topic as a course of action that will provide benefit to the patient. Bringing the two together is what creates the mindset that both sides need to help your patients find the path to a healthy mouth.


Speakers: Denise CiardelloJanice JanssenChris Ciardello

Today's Dental Technology: Identify, Integrate, Embrace

Technology can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of systems within the dental office. Many dental practices don’t maximize the technology in which they have invested. A lack of understanding and training can create situations where the technology is not utilized properly or at all.



Speakers: Denise CiardelloJanice JanssenChris Ciardello

The Hygienist’s Role in Supporting the Practice

Gone are the days when a dental hygienist 'just cleans teeth'. In addition to performing patient's oral health tasks, today's job description includes education of all dental procedures completed in the office, marketing dental products that the office offers and of course, assisting the doctor with recommendations of areas of concern while performing the 'cleaning'. The role of the hygienist holds more importance than ever to the success of the practice.

Speakers:  Janice Janssen

Strategies to Increase Production and Meet Goal

Scheduling in a dental office is often the biggest headache for the whole office.
By taking a systematic approach to the schedule, the office will have an environment of harmony. It is possible for your office to have a productive schedule that can also be accommodating to your patients. It’s your schedule and you should be in control of it. 



Speakers: Denise Ciardello


Powerful Team Conversation: The Foundation of a Successful Team

Clear, empowering communication and self-directed leadership is the key to a motivated and cohesive team. Without it, there is frustration, disorganization and low expectations. In this interactive session, learn skills to build a great team and provide clear standards for their work. With an emphasis on leadership, problem solving, harmony and collaboration, productivity can be rejuvenated and maintained. 



Speakers: Denise Ciardello

Discover the "Secret Sauce" for Patient Retention

Every business has a culture and dental offices are no different. The culture defines whether the office is patient, time or technology focused along with a sense of negativity or an attitude of joy. The standards and values of the team is apparent to a patient as soon as the phone is answered. 



Speakers: Denise CiardelloJanice JanssenChris Ciardello

OMG! Office Management Guide®

Office management is an essential element of any practice. Practice owners, dentists and managers are expected to know all, be everywhere, and to ensure an office that operates smoothly every day. In this presentation, office management personnel will be given the tools necessary to manage a dental practice with confidence. This course is ideal for both start-up offices and established practices. 


Speakers: Denise CiardelloJanice JanssenChris Ciardello

Defending the Dental Practice Against Embezzlement

Fraud or embezzlement occurs in 3 out of 5 dental offices. We are likely to see these odds increase given the state of the U.S. economy. It CAN happen to you. Ensure that your profit is not walking out the back door leaving you to face loss, betrayal, or worse - bankruptcy!

Speakers:  Janice Janssen

Build a Fortress of Trust and Teamwork within Your Practice

Embezzlement is seldom reported although someone on the team usually knows it’s occurring. Embezzlement destroys the trust of your team, the bonus program you MAY have in place, and POSSIBLY the quality of care you provide your patients. Learn why and how to protect yourself, your office AND your team from the wrongful actions of embezzlers.

Speakers: Janice Janssen

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