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Executive Coaching

More Efficient Management for a
More Profitable Dental Practice

Are you feeling stuck in your leadership journey?

Need help guiding your team to success?


Our executive coaching program is just for you.


We work with practice owners, spouses, and office managers to hone their leadership skills and understand the inner workings of the practice as a whole. 

The Executive Coaching Program is customized to the individual’s wants and needs.

There will be 4 scheduled remote sessions that can cover a wide variety of topics: reports, collections, production, teamwork, insurance, etc.

4 scheduled sessions: Up to 3 hours per session

Daily, weekly, and monthly systems

Training on systems and protocols to maximize the financial stability as
well as the understanding of operations within the practice

Documented reports after each session

Unlimited text and email communications are available for the doctor/office
manager and consultants.

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