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Dental Embezzlement Investigation

Fraud is on the Rise

Risk Analysis & Monitoring


Designed to provide dentists with assistance in monitoring their patient accounts, along with the day-to-day operations completed by their team.



A deep dive into the inner-workings of your practice to discover inconsistencies and misappropriations.



This system analysis provides dental practices with valuable information that could indicate the need for further investigation.

This monitoring process provides a “does it make sense” analysis of a practice’s finances. The goal of RAM is to alert you of inconsistencies, as well as make recommendations for “best practices” to create a healthier viewpoint of your practice as a whole. Dental Practices under our RAM Program will receive monitoring the practice’s finances on a quarterly basis.

Preliminary Assessment


Provides an overview of the practice finances to determine if embezzlement concerns are warranted.


We will review reports and transactions in your dental practice management software. 


The assessment will offer the practice owner with information to indicate whether an extensive investigation is required.

The assessment is designed for the practice owner that is unsure whether embezzlement is occurring in their practice and wants to take an initial look and see their fears are warranted. 



The main investigation is where we will take a deep, thorough dive into the financial records of the dental practice.  


Evidence is gathered and reviewed to determine if there are misappropriations of funds within the practice.


With an investigation, the practice owner will be provided with a thorough report indicating whether an embezzlement has occurred in the practice.

The investigation will provide you with documentation for areas to improve “best practices” within your practice as well as documentation if you are pursuing legal action against an employee for embezzlement. 

Maintenance for your Practice’s Finances

"The best offense is a good defense." - Vince Lombardi

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Janice Janssen, RDH, CFE Headshot

Watch Janice's video on what dental assistants need to know about embezzlement in the dental practice!

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