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  • Denise Ciardello

Are your patients 'falling through the cracks'?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

You've heard this question numerous times throughout your career, but do you know the answer? If you don't know, then quite possibly, that is your answer.

Patients 'fall through the cracks' when they dangle out there somewhere. There is unfinished treatment or an appointment that was cancelled yet never rescheduled. You forget about the patient and the patient forgets about you. As strange as it may seem, just because you have invaded a patient's personal area by entering their mouth with sharp instruments, doesn't mean that they will remember your name when the time comes to make another appointment. In this day of immediate information, if your name is not easy to put a finger on, that patient will find a dentist that is. What you need to aspire to become is the first dentist's name on that and all your patient's minds. We will discuss how patients fall through the cracks and how to avoid this from happening. Read More...

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