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  • Denise Ciardello

The Importance of Training

Have you noticed that each time you open new software or app, the layout has changed? Or possibly the functional systems have evolved and it takes a minute for you to learn how to use it again. My immediate reaction is to get frustrated and exclaim – “why do they have to keep changing things”? The fact is that our digital technology changes by the day. Although we may get frustrated, it is for the betterment of the products we are using.


As I go into offices, I find that people are creatures of habit and do things just the way it’s always been done. That is a dangerous mindset, since programs and technology advance and continue to progress. There is always a more proficient method to complete our daily tasks. As a software workshop instructor, I would show shortcuts that had been around for years and it would astound people. The first question would be ‘how long has that been available to us’? Gently, I would find a way to break the news of the years that particular prompt had existed. On the flipside, I was astonished at the tools available within the software, that many users were not making a part of their daily habits. These tools would make their job more accurate and so much more efficient.


Think about the tools that you use on a daily basis. When was the last time that you had the opportunity to go through additional “retraining”’ on it. Many times, I will hear that people were never formally trained on something as important as their practice management software. This is a key device that can truly make or break the way analytics of a practice is administered. The reason for not retraining is typically due to one of two reasons: cost and/or time. Here are three reasons why it is important to offset the excuse of cost and time tenfold.

  • Increased productivity and performance

  • Standardization of work among the team

  • Reduction of inefficiency

One of the tools used to help you be more efficient is your Insurance Answers Plus. Did you realize that they update their system on a daily basis with more features, benefits and pertinent information that you would have to remain on hold for hours to get from insurance carriers? How would you like to know…

  • Which plans within Delta Dental will send you the check vs sending it to the patient?

  • How to quickly find the benefits for ONLY out-of-network with a particular company? This means not having to wade through all the plans yet merely the ones you need.

  • Where to find the status of the plan you’ve requested IAPlus call on?

  • How to get free eligibility on a patient’s plan?

All these answers are right in front of you within their software! I recently went through a certification program on IAPlus for consultants. Although I used IAPlus for decades and thought I had kept up with all the changes they made over the years, I learned so much by retraining, making my mind go right back to the students in my workshops that would ask ‘how long as it been like this’? I imagine that even if you think you know IAPlus like the back of your hand, you’ll be surprised what you pick up in a real training session with them.


A note from IAPlus: Investing in training your team is never a waste! Improving systems and mentoring personal growth within your office will help make your practice the “greener pasture” they’ve been looking for.

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Denise Ciardello, Consultant

Denise is co-founder of Global Team Solutions. A professional speaker and published author, her enthusiasm and knowledge about the dental profession has helped many dental teams. She brings experience, insight, and creativity into her management style, along with a sense of humor. In a profession that can cause anxiety in some dental employees.

Denise’s consulting approach is to partner with doctors and team members to help them realize the dream of creating a thriving, successful practice.

Denise can be reached at:

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