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So you think my job is easy? I am a Patient Rockstar!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Your job is easy! How hard could it be? Anyone can do your job! How could you possibly be tired? You sit at a desk and work in the air conditioning and answer the phone, how hard could that be?

How many times have you heard these questions asked? Do you feel like hitting them upside the head and saying, what’s wrong with you, I’m tired, don’t you see that I work hard? While we all are professionals and would never say that, why not take a few moments and help them understand what you do.

Explain to them how the doctor wants you to call and help a patient get scheduled at a specialist office, someone is waiting to be presented a treatment plan, you have someone on the phone who needs to reschedule their appointment, the other line is ringing and you also have someone waiting in the reception area who wants to talk about their benefits. Oh, and they have new benefits they didn’t give you in advance and they want to know what is covered today before they are called back for their appointment. Well I am here to tell you that you’re the jack of all trades and MASTER of many!

The questions above are examples of questions or statements that the administrative team may hear but I am sure you all hear questions or statements like this in some form. It is important to know you all are Rockstars and should pat yourselves on the back. We all know it takes a team to make it happen and it is up to each of us to help your patients, family and friends know how hard we work (while making it look easy) to make their experience an awesome one.

Although you may or may not have a physical job and you do work in an air conditioned building, you try to be all you can be for your patients and each other. Let them know that you are passionate about what you do! With all of this it is important for you to take time for yourself and be proud of all you do!

Generally when writing, I share ideas and information with you on how to improve your office for both you and your patients. With the last couple of months being an uncertain time for us all, this month I am asking you to share with me things that you and your team do daily that make you Patient Rockstars. Please share them with me at

With our lives changing over the last few months the changes allow us to become better Patient Rockstars. You can do it!


Carla Collier, Consultant

Carla’s journey in Dentistry has been vast and covering over 19 years of dedication and support to both patients and dental offices. For doctors and staff, Carla has helped dental offices build from the ground up while maintaining staff without turnover and promoting teamwork. Carla uses her vast experience in the profession to implement systems for dental practice growth and team building which is extremely important. She is also very good in nurturing long-lasting patient relations.

Carla can be reached at:

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