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  • Janice Janssen, RDH, CFE

Create an All-Star Team

Updated: May 5, 2023

Essential Systems Create Direction

Do you have a practice playbook? We find that many offices do not have one. If you are one of those offices, you should get started putting one together. A playbook is the system by which everything is completed in your practice. There are many aspects of your practice that require direction. You can start with such things as answering the phone, how you seat patients, how long you schedule for procedures, balancing your deposits and on and on.

Unfortunately, we find many practices do not want to take the time to create their playbook. It is an incredibly useful tool that many are missing. Let’s take any sports team out there... they have a playbook; a process in which plays are accomplished and executed. Each team member must review and understand each of the plays for a successful game. The same is true in a dental office. Every practice has a team whether it is 4 people or 30. The players in our dental offices require processes in place so they can be successful in their position as well.

Putting these processes in place gives everyone the method in which to handle anything that comes their way. It gives your team the confidence to complete their tasks knowing they are doing it the way the practice owner intended. It is important to have a book written out and accessible to each person on the team. This way everyone is playing by the same rules. It also makes it easier for your team to play any position in which they are needed. There are many times that someone may have to step in and help at a position where they are not sure how to accomplish the tasks that are required. Imagine having written instructions for those moments…wouldn’t that be great?!

When designing your playbook remember to add the processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each and every role and responsibility in your practice. The more detailed the book, the easier it is for everyone to follow. We recommend putting screenshots from your practice software in each protocol that it requires, as well as adding a sample of your forms for easy reference if needed.

Let’s have your practice looking like an all-star sports team instead of an intramural team that has no direction and is just out there to have fun. This not only creates confidence within your team members but with your patients as well. It is always good to look like we know what we are doing and can handle anything that comes our way.

If you haven’t done it already, take some time this year and get your playbook started. Our Global Team Solutions team has created a template for you to use in case you need help in designing your playbook.

It has a number of protocols already created that just require your finishing touches to customize it to your office. For more information, visit the link below!


Janice Janssen, RDH, CFE, Consultant

At age 14, Janice Janssen got an after-school job working for her dentist. Twenty-something years later, she is the co-founder of Global Team Solutions and an expert in practice consulting. Besides hands-on experience, Janice has gained professional recognition for her hard work and commitment to excellence. She is co-author of OMG! Office Management Guide, the “bible” used in GTS training workshops. She is a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC), and is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), which positions her as an expert in educating dentists to deter fraud and embezzlement in their practice.

Janice can be reached at:

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