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Colleague Spotlight: Susan Gunn

Riveting Speaker. Relatable Author.

Reliable Business Consultant. Ruthless Fraud Examiner.

All these have been used to describe Susan Gunn.

For over 25 years, Susan’s mission is to serve the dental industry by providing solutions that enable practice owners to understand the business of their practice and to protect their practice from embezzlement. She is a Certified Fraud Examiner, has written 45 books geared for professional practices sold internationally and is a special consultant to the American Dental Association. Susan is the host of the popular bi-weekly podcast program Money In, Money Out. Susan’s mantra? “Lead with Integrity”

It is starting to feel like volatile times using QuickBooks in a practice. Many dental practices feel they are being pressured to use QuickBooks Online, when it is truly their call. I still do not recommend QB Online. It is an expensive product for only 15% of the accounting.

85% of the accounting is created in the practice management software, with only bank account deposits being necessary to enter into QB.

I have worked with many practices in the past two years who have become frustrated with the illogical features and flow of the QB Online product and have converted their data to the QB Desktop Pro. Now Intuit is forcing those previous users of the Full Service payroll, that was offered as a web-based product, to a new product, that has the same look and feel as QB Online, and, unfortunately, is just as confusing.

I worked with a client last week who had used the web-based payroll product for years, who is now bringing payroll into his QB Desktop as Assisted Payroll. I have been teaching QuickBooks since it was QuickBooks 1.0, first group member to be a ProAdvisor, first group member to be an Advanced ProAdvisor. In fact, my first book was QuickBooks 1.0.

These are very different times in the Intuit world but after all these changes, and their obvious need to increase revenue, I still believe Desktop Pro is the best product for professional practices using dual accounting software. Setup correctly, specifically designed for a practice, makes managing the financial workflow much easier.

You can learn more about what Susan can do for you by visiting her website, Susan Gunn Solutions.

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