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Colleague Spotlight: Cheryl McKenna

A 24 year veteran of the merchant services industry, Cheryl McKenna helps dentists, doctors and veterinarians save money on and increase the efficiency of their patient payment systems.

Cheryl refuses to have a boring work day and tries to make everyone she encounters smile, laugh, or both.

She has provided consulting services in many areas including:

  • Payment Card Compliance

  • HIPAA Security Rule Compliance

  • Merchant Agreement Contract Negotiations

  • Rate and Fee Expense Reduction

  • Software and Equipment Integration for Practice Management Software

Many patients use credit cards to pay their dental providers. At the end of the month, the dental practice receives a statement that details the credit card transactions as well as the amount the practice owes to their merchant services provider.

Most practice owners and consultants look at that amount and experience this nagging feeling that the charges are way too high but have no idea why. Have you ever looked at one of those statements? The statements are confusing by design and this confusion makes it easy for processors to hide fees and overcharge businesses! More than half of all dental practices are paying too much to accept those credit cards which is a serious drain on their bottom line.

So, what do you as a dental practice, or a consultant, that works with dental practices, do about this?

Most practices do NOT want to change merchant providers but no one likes to overpay.

Great news! Cheryl McKenna will help lower the cost of accepting credit card payments WITHOUT THE NEED TO CHANGE PROVIDERS!

Cheryl McKenna is the daughter of a serial entrepreneur who watched her parents struggle, not all days, but certainly some of the days, as business owners to generate and retain profit. Being a business owner is not for the faint of heart! Profit determines whether a business is viable or not.

Generating profit is great, but that only one piece of the puzzle... you also want to retain as much as possible.

Cheryl combines her family history and her 24 year career in merchant services to give business owners a better chance of success by helping them retain more of the revenue they generate.

Go ahead and grab one of those merchant statements and send it to Cheryl right now.

The analysis is FREE and if the practice is indeed being overcharged, Cheryl and her team will work to get the rates and fees down, without changing processors. Plus, she and her team share in the savings they generate for their clients so there is no out of pocket expense!

Cheryl is a member of Academy of Dental Management Consultants, Merchant Services Mastermind Group, a Trusted Advisor with Freedom Founders and enjoys speaking to and teaching groups of all sizes. Feel free to reach out at or text or call 720-526-5318.

If you have any questions about:

  • Merchant services

  • Cash discount (where fees to accept credit cards are passed to the patient)

  • Insurance reimbursement via virtual credit card

  • Text to Pay

  • Integration with practice management software or...

  • anything else related to electronic payments

Let’s schedule a time to chat.

You can learn more about what Cheryl can do for you by visiting the Merchant Advocate Website

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