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How to Motivate Your Staff

By Slyvie Haber, Consultant

How many times do you come into work and find your team “going through the motions” of the day? The enthusiasm they once showed is no longer prevalent. You think to yourself, “What happened to my team? I hope our patients don't notice!” It can be frustrating to see that your team members are not as motivated as they once were.

As a leader of the team, you must assess the situations affecting your team in order to distinguish what factors would apply best to your team.

Before you start thinking that impending doom is approaching, it is better to face the situation head on and understand what factors could be affecting your team. These factors can easily be summed up into two categories: motivating and demotivating factors. Knowing what motivates and demotivates your team is crucial to long-term success, not only for the longevity and success of the practice but, also, for the culture that exists within the office.

Read more to find how to motivate your staff and what you might be doing to demotivate them.