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Dental Practice Management Consultants

We believe dentists, practice owners and their teams deserve to have an organized, business-focused, yet FUN environment!

At GTS, we work with you and your team to create the tools needed to achieve your goals.

Denise Ciardello and Janice Janssen, RDH, CFE Dental Consultants

Are you experiencing...

Inefficient Business Systems

High Employee Turnover

Shortage of Cash Flow

Lack of Trust in your Team

Overwhelming Practice Responsibilities

The Need for Business Coaching

Let OUR team
help YOUR team!

Dental Practice Management Consulting

Make your practice goals a reality with our customized coaching programs.


We have many combined years of experience and are eager to share the secrets that can unlock your practice’s FULL potential.

We offer 4 tailor-made

Coaching Programs.

Embezzlement Investigations

Maintaining your practice's finances is of the utmost importance to a successful practice.


Let the GTS team monitor the cashflow of your practice. The goal is to safeguard your money.

We also offer Risk Analysis and Monitoring. With our RAM program, you will receive a review of your practice's finances on a quarterly basis

Dental Practice Start-Up

We provide guidance and support with financing, practice design and construction, insurance credentialing,  and much, much more. 

You will also get unlimited phone and email support during this process.

Dental Practice Transitions

Once you have located a practice that meets your wants and needs, GTS will be there to assist with streamlining the transition process.


You will also get unlimited phone and email support during this process.  

Speaking Presentations

Customized speaking presentations delivering specific knowledge

and skills to meet your objectives.


Our aim is to make the experience rewarding--and fun--for all attending. 

How do I get started?




30 Minute Discovery Call

Let's Chat!

Complete a thorough on-site practice analysis.

Together, we create a roadmap for success.

Male Dentist

I am a Dentist/

Practice Owner

Fall back in love in doing what you want... being a Dentist/Owner while your practice thrives.

Office Manager

I am an

Office Manager

Get help with running the office and making sure your staff is efficient and successful.

Dental Team Members

I am a

Team Member

Looking for proven steps to a positive work place environment.

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