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Meet Julie Nichols

Julie Nichols

Julie Nichols started in dentistry in 2011 as an RDA and gradually found herself helping more at the front desk.  It wasn’t long before she realized that is where her love for dentistry would flourish.  Julie has a passion for helping patients and doctors get the most out of insurance companies and get on the road to success through the collection process.  After coming back to work from breast cancer in 2014 things were difficult, especially in the office setting, so Julie started her own business working from home helping a local dentist get their office back on track with patients, fee schedules, outstanding claims, maximizing insurance AR and holding their patients insurance companies accountable to pay what they are contracted.  It was challenging and rewarding, to say the least, to see the look on the doctors faces when there was a turn around and things were running smoothly and profitably.  Julie believes that in order to help anyone you have to seek first to understand, identify the issues and concerns, then address them and be understood.

After hearing Denise speak at a Henry Schein conference in Dallas Julie knew she could only grow from working with Janice, Denise and the rest of their team.  So as her current contract was coming to an end she found it exciting to get the opportunity to work with GTS and multiple other offices getting their offices back on track and grow.

"I highly recommend Julie! She is very detailed, thorough and conscientious with her work, has a great work ethic and is an incredible asset to anyone looking for help with insurance or accounts receivables.  I recommend her without hesitation!"

-Dr. Rhonda Emmons DDS

“I feel inspired after hearing you present. The information is helpful and easy to understand.
It was a great presentation with new ideas. I love listening to other offices challenges,
what works and new things to try.”   


—T. Mayo

Wish you had the knowledge and skill to maximize your technology investment?

Do you long to go paperless?

Technology can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of systems within the dental office. Many dental practices don’t maximize the technology in which they have invested. A lack of understanding and training can create situations where the technology is not utilized properly or at all.

Explore the technology that is essential for today’s successful dental practice with Julie. She can show you how to incorporate technology into your practice systems, increasing ease of use and productivity. Eliminate confusion and concern about taking your practice paperless. 

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Julie’s Practice Management Tips

DO: Find ways to connect personally with your staff before you ask them to do things differently. You will get better results every time.

DON’T: Change everything at once or you will have a high turnover. Roll changes out in stages—people adapt to baby steps more easily than marathons!