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MEET Brandon Webb

Employee Management: From Hiring to Termination
Team Management: 6 Habits of a Cohesive Team
Meeting Management: Orchestrating Effective Meetings
Scheduling Management: Strategies to Increase Production & meet Goals

“I feel inspired after hearing you present. The information is helpful and easy to understand.
It was a great presentation with new ideas. I love listening to other offices challenges,
what works and new things to try.”   


—T. Mayo

Brandon’s Practice Management Tips


DO: Learn as much as you can about the practice’s dental software. Too many offices don't use half the features their software offers, and are missing out on so many ways to save time and money.

DON’T: Don't jump to conclusions about people. You never know what is going on in their personal life, so if there is a problem they should be treated with empathy and concern.

Wish you had the knowledge and skill to maximize your technology investment?

Do you long to go paperless?

Technology can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of systems within the dental office. Many dental practices don’t maximize the technology in which they have invested. A lack of understanding and training can create situations where the technology is not utilized properly or at all.

Explore the technology that is essential for today’s successful dental practice with Brandon. He can show you how to incorporate technology into your practice systems, increasing ease of use and productivity. Eliminate confusion and concern about taking your practice paperless. 

OMG! Office Management Guide®

Office management is an essential element of any practice. Practice owners, dentists and managers are expected to know all, be everywhere, and to ensure an office that operates smoothly every day. In this presentation, office management personnel will be given the tools necessary to manage a dental practice with confidence. This course is ideal for both start-up offices and established practices. 

Treatment Acceptance: It’s not all About the Treatment

As clinicians, the dental team views the treatment as the primary concern when presenting treatment plans to the patient. As a consumer, patients need to know the benefit when deciding on need vs want. As professionals, we need to present the topic as a course of action that will provide benefit to the patient. Bringing the two together is what creates the mindset that both sides need to help your patients find the path to a healthy mouth.

Today's Dental Technology: Identify, Integrate, Embrace

Technology can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of systems within the dental office. Many dental practices don’t maximize the technology in which they have invested. A lack of understanding and training can create situations where the technology is not utilized properly or at all.

Reports Management: Numbers do Matter!

Many office managers and many in the administrative role of a dental practice were thrown in to that position with very little, if any, training. As a result, the energy spent working on certain tasks may be misdirected or even wasted since it doesn't add to the smooth operation of the practice.

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Brandon Webb

Brandon Webb’s journey to expertise in dental practice excellence began in his native
Auburn, Alabama and has taken him from Eastern seaboard across the country to San
Diego. His dynamic presence and hands-on experience in all aspects of dental practice
management systems helps dentists and dental teams make end-to- end improvements in
their top- and bottom-lines. From hiring and training to dental office billing and
collections to dental treatment plan presentation and finance, Brandon has intimate
familiarity with the full spectrum of dental office operations management.  He does his best
work with teams that are open to new ideas and determined to change their practices for the
better. He can be reached at


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Brandon Webb / BIO

As an enterprising sixteen-year-old, Brandon’s first health-and-safety-related job placed him poolside as a lifeguard, responsible for the lives of thousands each summer. A gymnast and athlete, he also taught private swimming lessons, which offered him his first taste of the high-touch coaching style that would position him for the next phase of his career—managing gyms specializing in gymnastics and competitive cheerleading in Boston and New York City.


But ultimately, something was missing, and that something was enough cash to pay rent in the Big Apple. So he secured an interview at a dental practice, and that decision launched his permanent career. As a Patient Coordinator at a high-volume, fee-for-service dental practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Brandon learned the business through total immersion, walking through fire. Serving a general dental practice with a bustling celebrity, pediatric, and orthodontic clientele, it was a demanding environment with little room for errors, great pomp and circumstance, and dazzling customer service.


He took lessons learned to his next position at a multispecialty dental practice, where he also had the opportunity to immerse himself in dental insurance and dental PPO/HMO reimbursement as well as supporting dental teams in additional specialties, such as oral surgery, sedation dentistry and endodontics, as well dental office management duties. That is also where he began attending industry conferences, building a deep knowledge of the dental industry as a whole as well as dental management best practices. Brandon relocated to San Diego in 2015 after lining up several interviews with several Southern California practices to coincide with a trip to celebrate a landmark birthday.


He is a dental practice management consultant who has lived the business from the other side of the desk and the chair; he has a unique perspective and as a trainer, analyst, coach and mentor, brings a unique blend of motivational and transformational expertise to his consulting practice. 


Brandon’s philosophy of continuous improvement, and life itself is, “We are always on a continuing education journey, no matter what age we are, no matter what our experience level is. It’s also essential to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.” He believes the value he delivers to clients is especially meaningful in the long term. While quick wins are always a rewarding and important part of any engagement, it’s dramatic transformations, sometimes only visible a year or two out, that create the most rewards--for Brandon and for his clients.


When he needs to unwind, Brandon travels the globe and practices hot yoga as well as aerial yoga, which (careful!) involves using long, suspended fabric loops to support oneself in backbends, stretches and splits, among other challenging poses. He also practices Southern hospitality every chance he gets, hosting dinner parties and BBQs as often as he can.



Brandon can be reached at (