What is your Brand?

When you think about your brand, is your logo the first thing that comes to mind? How do you think people identify you and your office, is it the logo what they think of or is it the service they received? If you are thinking it is my logo or at least it should be, since it cost a small fortune to design. I’m here to tell you that the ideal answer is that people should identify your business by the service they receive; so, my question to you is: is it? Your logo is your brand to be recognized when people see it, however, you really want your brand to be associated with the great experience they have when they interact with your staff, whether over the phone or when they visit your office. D

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

When looking at a dental practice, what is the first thing that is noticeable across the board? Each practice has a team. Even though dental practices come in all shapes and sizes, not one is the same as the other because of the individuals that make up the practice. You can say that the practice runs like a human body, with each team member and the Dentist playing crucial roles in keeping the practice alive. But at the forefront of that team is the Dentist. In many cases, the Dentist is the individual that many team members look to for leadership. As the Dentist, to some, it may seem daunting that the team looks to you to be the leader of the practice. But this gives you an opportunity to f

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