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Has rudeness truly taken over our society? Is ‘sticking it to the next guy’, the new normal these days? You see it in while driving when people don’t wait their turn at a stop light, they run the red light, use the turn lane to leap-frog ahead of the people waiting to go straight at a light, tailgating and my all-time pet peeve – going slow in the left lane. When it comes to cell phones, people have totally lost all sense of discretion and I won’t even go into the division and hatefulness on TV. Has this rudeness crept into your office? It seems that I have more people approaching me in offices with issues like: I’m the only one that really stays on top of sterilization. The hygienists or a

5 Methods to Market Your Practice on a Shoestring

I am often asked about the least expensive ways to increase new patient numbers. I like to start by asking about the current methods of marketing the office is using to acquire new patients. Unfortunately, the answer I often get is that the office has a very limited marketing budget. The follow up question is often, ‘How can I market without spending a fortune?’ Marketing for any business is an ongoing process and takes constant focus. There are internal and external marketing techniques and studies have shown that attention to both is important. Internal marketing is typically less costly yet can be very effective. While there are many ways to market, and most advertisers will tell you tha

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