To Reject or Not to Reject?

Contacting patients to schedule them for their unscheduled treatment is one of the most important aspects of every dental office. When you have reached out to a patient and they give you excuse after excuse on why they are not ready to schedule or they just don’t answer the phone or call you back, what do you do? When do you “give up” calling them and what do you do with the work that is sitting in their treatment plan? These are questions we are faced with quite often, and different members of the same team will often have different views on how to handle these situations. First we need to determine the practice philosophy in regards to when and how often are we contacting our patients when

Lighthouses Spotting Trouble in Dental Offices

Recently when at a speaking event in Milwaukee, I had the opportunity to go to North Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan. I have always admired lighthouses. They are simple and beautiful. I had never seen one personally, and it was amazing. Lighthouses have such an important role in warning water vessels about the dangers of hazardous coastlines as well as direction toward a safe harbor. For me, I think they are a symbol of the means forward and guidance in navigating our way through rough waters. In life, as well as in business there are going to be rough waters. How you make it through them is what is important. Rough waters can come in various facets. At Global Team Solutions, we wor

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